Sur Lie


11 Free Street, Portland, Maine

Ask around about Sur Lie and you might be met with mixed reviews. Some people love it while others leave with lighter pockets but still hungry. The experience can often vary from visit to visit but we are here to tell you, their happy hour will not disappoint you. It’s a great way to check the place out and save some money while doing so. Your own experience may encourage you to stay for dinner.


It is important to remember that Sur Lie is a tapas style restaurant so things are generally portioned accordingly. Tapas however are the perfect happy hour snacks. Happy hour there is Tuesday – Saturday from 4-6 pm and specials are only available in the bar and lounge area so be sure to not wander into the dining room if you are looking for the lower prices. It features $2 off the 3 available rotating local drafts, 2 selections each of a red or white wine, for $7, and a couple of cocktail offerings priced around $8. While these prices are a bit higher than we are used to for happy hour they do represent $1-$2 off what the drinks would normally cost. While we were there the bar was pretty quiet so we decided to make our bartenders work and order up some cocktails. The Relax Don’t Do It (Tito’s vodka, cappelletti aperitivo, hibiscus grapefruit sherbet, lime, and soda) and the Bootlegger (Dickel white whiskey, tamarind, lemon and smoked tea bitters) were really delicious. If they sound up your alley, give them a try!


There are also a few food specials which is very welcome when enjoying such stiff drinks. We ordered up the sweet pea hummus and the fried potato wedges.  The hummus was the clear winner. Fresh and lightly lemony it is enhanced by the addition of mint oil. It is seriously good. Don’t miss it. The potato wedges were fine. Nice and crispy with good seasoning. The problem was with the aleppo aioli. Maybe the batch we got was missing the peppers? It quite literally tasted like nothing. Aleppo peppers are a moderate chili but this had no heat whatsoever. It was fine, but a little spice would have elevated the wedges considerably.


Overall happy hour at Sur Lie was great! Good drinks served up by friendly and attentive bartenders paired with tasty food will always win us over. The prices might keep it out of the regular rotation but when we want a bit of a treat we will definitely be back. The sweet pea hummus alone would pull us back in! Seriously, get it.


2 thoughts on “Sur Lie

  1. I thought of you ladies when I saw that Evo has a happy hour now. It’s literally one hour (5-6PM), but might serve the same purpose you mention as the one at Sur Lie.

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