El Rayo Taqueria – Scarborough


245 Route One, Scarborough, Maine

Sometimes when winter just doesn’t seem to want to release its hold on the weather you need a refreshing margarita to help you remember that spring and summer will come. El Rayo’s Portland location is one of our favorite outdoor happy hour spots during the warmer months but with a small indoor area it can be difficult to meet friends in colder or inclement weather. Luckily El Rayo has a larger location on Route One in Scarborough that is just perfect to sip your drink out of the cold and dream of warm tropical breezes.


The happy hour specials are the same at both locations, Monday – Friday from 4-6pm you can order up $5 house margaritas and daiquiris, and $2 Mexican beers. Since we are fans of the Portland specials we knew that the margaritas would be top notch so we ordered some up. When they came we were in for a pleasant surprise, they now are served in pint sized glasses! Same great swordfish stirrers and flavor thankfully! Check out the pics below for comparison.

Isn't that the cutest stirrer!
Original margarita size – taken from El Rayo Portland 
New pint sized margarita from El Rayo Scarborough
New pint sized margarita from El Rayo Scarborough

Our drinks also came with some free chips and salsa so you also get something to nibble on while you sip. We also decided to order up some queso with chorizo and ended up staying for dinner as well. The food was great and definitely needed before heading home after a couple of margaritas.


The interior of the Scarborough location is really nice. They have completely remodeled the interior and when you walk in you’d never know it used to be a convenience store and other retail outlet.  The bar is warm wood and raised a bit above the main floor, separating it from the dining area but maintaining a bright, open atmosphere. The chairs in the bar area of padded and comfortable. They chose bright colors, keeping a continuity with the Portland location which both evoke warm climates without getting cartoony. In the summer they also have a patio area that we are excited to go back and check out as soon as the temps rise enough!


El Rayo Scarborough is definitely a stand-out on Route One and is a great spot to catch a delicious drink without having to venture in town. Give it a chance if you live or work nearby, it’s worth the visit. They also have daily specials Sunday – Wednesday if you can’t make their happy hours or need something more substantial to accompany your drinks.



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