Hot Suppa!

Hot Suppa!

703 Congress Street, Portland, Maine.

Hot Suppa! has been known for great breakfast and lunch for years now, after opening in 2006. More recently, in 2010 they started serving dinner and hosting happy hour five nights a week and more recently still, they have opened up a welcoming patio behind the restaurant.  This summer is the third season for the Hot Suppa! patio and as one of our friends said, “It’s the best kept secret in Portland”. When we first arrived at about 4:30 we were the only folks out at the patio, though there were others dining inside.  By the time we left though, the patio was pretty full.

Hot Suppa!

Who knew that erecting a 12 foot fence, putting down some crushed rock, adding patio furniture and some pretty flowers could make such a peaceful and relaxing spot for delicious drinks and food some 50 feet away from the hectic pace of the ever busy Congress Street?  The guys at Hot Suppa!, I guess, and we are so glad they did. Don’t get us wrong we love the cozy atmosphere of the dinning room at Hot Suppa! and love to eat and drink there in the winter, but the patio provides a whole other appeal to the place.
Happy hour at Hot Suppa runs from 4:00 – 6:00 PM on Tuesday through Saturday, yep Saturday! The offerings include $1.00 oysters, $1.00 off beers and cocktails and a special happy hour food menu. To start we ordered a nightly special cocktail with cucumber infused gin, elderberry, lime and a splash of orange, the hugely popular hurricane and the sangria ($4.00).  The drinks were cool, refreshing and strong. Just the way we like them. We also ordered some oysters ($1.00 each), the fried calamari ($9.00), the pimento cheese plate ($6.00) and a pork tacos special of the night ($9.00). Our food was prepared perfectly and came to our table looking beautiful. For happy hour prices, the portion sizes were good. Everything we ordered tasted great and filled us up, just in time for another round of drinks!
Hot Suppa!
If you haven’t stopped by the Hot Suppa! patio for a drink and a snack for happy hour yet.  You should.  Like right now! You might even see us there. If you, say “Hi”, we’re nice.

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