The Honey Paw


78 Middle Street, Portland Maine

Nestled between India Street and Franklin Arterial in Portland is a thriving restaurant neighborhood featuring local favorite such as Eventide, Duck Fat, and East Ender. Complimenting these popular options with their an Asian twist on American fare is The Honey Paw. They bring together locally sourced ingredients and give them an international spin. It can be a busy spot during dinner time so dropping in during happy hour is a great way to check this spot out.



The Honey Paw features happy hour specials from 3 to 6 pm Monday through Friday. They offer $3 Reisdorf Kolsch, $5 tap wines and 1/2 off their snack menu. They also serve up a special cocktail for just $7. Snacks are normally priced at $5 so this is a great time to sample the whole menu or order up a few things to share with friends. Our favorite by far was the fry bread with uni butter, well the fry bread. It was a great savory fried dough. The uni butter, which is made with sea urchin, was a little to ocean-y for our tastes. The squash and tofu fritters and puffed bar snacks were also great choices.


The tap wines are a Gruner, always a hit with us, and a rose. The special cocktail of the day was a delicious concoction of lime, cucumber, and gin. It was well worth the $7. They also have a great beer list so after the cocktail we ventured off the specials list to enjoy a Rosee de Hibiscus by Brasserie Dieu de Ciel.

The interior of The Honey Paw is warm and welcoming. It’s perfect for gathering with friends to share plates. Long wooden bars line the tall front windows while a large family style table takes up the middle space. The afternoon sun pours in giving the whole place a cheerful vibe and it’s a great way to enjoy some sunshine, even on a chilly afternoon. Possibly our favorite feature is a bit more whimsical. The sink in the ladies room is a thing of zen-like beauty.


Overall our happy hour outing at The Honey Paw was great. We tried new things (pickled mushrooms) and marked out some things destined to become new favorites (the fry bread). We are sorry that it took us so long to get in there and we will certainly make sure it’s not long before we go back.


Tomaso’s Canteen


18 Hampshire Street, Portland, Maine

It’s no secret that we were big fans of Sangillo’s tavern and were bitterly disappointed when it closed. Thankfully the team behind another of our favorite hangouts, Samuel’s Bar and Grill took over the location and gave us Tomaso’s Canteen, something new but equally as great.


Tomaso’s Canteen features a great selection of drinks and food in a tiny space. It is well designed to take advantage of the space to provide ample seating. They offer up many of the menu favorites you can find at Samuel’s, including their delicious wings. Tomaso’s serves up some great local and national brews plus a selection of wines and cocktails. Happy hour is everyday from 4-6 pm. Yes, everyday! They serve up Narragansett tallboys for $2 and $4 Gruner (white), Tempranillos (red), and well drinks. They’ve also got a couple of food specials with $1.50 red hot dogs and $5 sausage sandwiches.


Service is table side and at the bar which makes things flow nicely. We were greeted soon after taking a seat and our waitress was attentive without rushing us along. We ordered up a couple of Gruners which we love for their crisp tartness and a small order of their amazing wings for a snack. You can get a number of different sauces including buffalo, jerk and dirt.


Tomaso’s took a great place and made it something uniquely their own. It’s fun and comfortable and preserves that neighborhood vibe we loved about Sangy’s. We love a couple updates that they added, especially the outlets with USB plug ins at the bar. Phones are a part of our lives so it’s awesome to have the opportunity to recharge your phone while you relax and enjoy a drink.  We definitely recommend that you check Tomaso’s out.


Can’t make it to happy hour? They’ve also got some great drink specials at lunch time!