Samuel’s Bar and Grill

IMG_1872_21160 Forest Ave, Portland, Maine

Samuel’s Bar and Grill, or as most of the us refer to it, Sammy’s, has long been a favorite haunt of ours. The bar offers a little bit of everything and the staff working there is great too.

Samuel’s offers happy hour everyday! That’s right, folks… EVERYDAY, from 2:00-6:00 with half price drafts. But the deals don’t end there, in fact they have hardly begun. Each day of the week, in addition to the happy hour specials, there are daily specials offered. A favorite of ours is the mimosa special for brunch on Sundays: buy one mimosa and get your next one for .5 cents. Love it! Another favorite is two for one dinner on Saturday nights. Dinner at Samuel’s tastes home-cooked and there are always a lot of options to choose from. Can’t beat that anywhere else in town.


Aside from the plated dinner options, Samuel’s has delicious pub-style food as well. They have the best wings in town and killer Maine-style pizza.

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If you are looking for a comfortable, cozy spot to hang out that offers great deals at almost any time of day, Samuel’s is a the way to go. It has a welcoming neighborhood feel and there is always a host of interesting characters stopping in for a drink…or many.

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We have a lot of good things to say about Sammy’s because we love it, but there is one thing we don’t love. Sometimes finding a parking spot can be tricky. But, with deals like they have you’ll end up drinking too much anyway. Take a cab or uber and have a great time!

MAPS Revisited


It’s no secret that we love MAPS. It’s a great little hole in the wall bar with a fun, funky vibe, awesome bar tenders, and an excellent music selection. Also, they serve cake.

We also love it because they offer a couple different takes on happy hour so we decided to check out their tea and cake special before starting our alcoholic drinking for the evening. We ordered up our teas, jasmine green and English black respectively, and each of us got a slice of the caramel sea salt cake to go with it.


The tea comes served with proper tea cups and accompaniments on a cute tray to your table. With your tea steeping in a separate pot. Given that one of the owners is British, we know that these teas are served up right. They also come with a little biscuit to dunk if you are so inclined. The teas were delicious and a great compliment to the sweetness of the cake, which was decadent without being too heavy. Cakes are made in house and flavors rotate frequently. Often there is some sort of chocolate offering to compliment the non-chocolate flavors. This pairing only costs $5 and it was awesome to just sit with a friend over a great cup of tea and cake without any clean up at home!


But really, let’s be honest, MAPS has a great beer selection. While it may be smaller, they specialize in offering carefully curated local brews and some harder to find imports. We had heard that they were offering homemade fruit purees to be added to your beers. Intrigued at this, we decided to order some up. We ordered a weissebier and opted for the strawberry puree. While we sipped our newly flavored drinks we asked about the practice. While here in the USA many craft drinkers scoff at the idea of putting fruit in your beer post-fermentation, in the UK adding some fruit syrup/puree to a pint is a fairly common practice and often ordered up at the pubs. We love that they bring their roots into the bar to offer something that the extensive Portland beer scene does not. It was really tasty. The puree added a subtle fruit flavor that didn’t overwhelm the beer itself. We can definitely see trying some different flavors up to vary a night of beer drinking.


MAPS also is the only place that we can find some of our favorite UK imports, Sam Smith fruit ales. If you haven’t had one of these, please do! They are delicious! Fruity and smooth, you can almost think you are drinking juice. Don’t worry they have none of the off flavors of a wine cooler or other malt beverage. They are a well crafted ale that can be hard to find in our parts. They are frequently sold out of the strawberry which is our favorite. However we’ve also had apricot and raspberry with delicious results.

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So head to MAPS and check out the cakes and teas (they have coffee too). You’ll see why we love them!